Grandmother Sasa participated in the Planting the Seeds of Prayer for Humanity ceremony held at the North Mountain Visitor Center in Phoenix, Arizona in 2016.

In the News

Grandmother Sasa was a presenter along with Grandmother Flordemayo at an event sponsored by The Path in April 2017. Learn more.

The Rose and The Swan

In 2016 Grandmother Sasa was recognized for her humanitarian work when she was named as one of the first recipients of the Tribal Trust Foundation Grandmother/Elder Fellowship Fund administered by the Women's Voices Project.  

Grandmother Sasa was a presenter at the 2016 Unify Fest in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Learn more about Grandmother Sasa and her work healing the healers. Click here or on the photo to read the article.

Wisdom Teachings were shared by Grandmother Sasa as part of the Singing Waters program with Madi Sato in Arizona.Learn more.