In late May, grandmothers gathered in Sedona, Arizona for the planting of a crystal seed.  For more information about the Crystal Earth Project, click here.

Australia 2018

Featured in The Standard: "Grandmothers explore indigenous connection with south-west."  Click here to read the article.

In April, Grandmother SaSa participated in the Spiritual Unity of Tribes in Australia.

Radio News 

In May 2018, Grandmother SaSa was an honored guest at the Gathering of Humanity at the Chi Center in New Mexico.  Grandmother was one of the indigenous elders called from places across the globe to bring wisdom and blessings at this transformational event.  Click here to learn more.

Grandmother Sasa and Madi Sato

Audio Interview May 2018

Listen to Grandmother SaSa's interview at the Gathering for Humanity with Mitchell Clute from Sounds True.

Going Beyond Medicine

Grandmother Sasa's April 2018 radio interview with Elaine Grohman. Click here to listen on Empower Radio.

The Rose and The Swan

Australia 2018 

Gathering for Humanity, May 2018

Front row from left to right:  Grandmother Flordemayo, Grandmother Unci Rita Long Visitor Holy Dance, Master Mingtong Gu

Back row from left to right: Grandmother SaSa, Grandmother Angelique Boas, Grandmother Moetu Taiha, Reverand Grandmother Eila Paul

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