The Rose and The Swan

To share is to care

When you come to The Rose and The Swan Healing Center you are being called back to the Dream. Our understanding of individual dreams begin the moment we remember why we were called here. When we begin our life journey on earth, we come in at a specific time and at a specific place. Our journey at The Rose and The Swan, whether through participating in the Sacred Hoop of Life Ceremony or sharing a meal at our table, helps us to understand the web of life we have woven. By understanding the web of life we have woven, we better understand our fate and our ability to serve the Universe. We welcome you to participate in the Sacred indigenous ceremony held here and in our healing work to help you in your daily life. We use Traditional Teachings, the Teachings given by Creator that Grandmother Nakai Breen shared, the consistency of prayer, and other Sacred methodologies to help you along your path. We share openly and freely, because we care.